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In Physical Education, students participate in a regular program of vigorous exercises and activities that require consideration in regard to attire, personal hygiene, safety, and locker room procedures.  The following expectations are developed to protect and enable each student to obtain the maximum benefit from the program.   The student will:

  1. Be in the locker room before the late bell.
  2. Change into P.E. clothes and wear appropriate (properly laced) athletic shoes.  Students are not to wear jewelry in class.
  3. Lock all personal items in assigned P.E. locker.  Do not share locker combination with others. 
  4. Exit locker room and report to class area within 5 minutes of the tardy bell.
  5. Participate in all class activities to the best of one’s ability.
  6. Stay in assigned P.E. activity area during class.
  7. Not use or handle equipment until teacher gives permission.
  8. Not use profanity or abusive language.
  9. Return promptly to locker room when dismissed from class and change back into school clothes.
  10. Remain in locker room until dismissed.
  11. Keep food, gum, beverages, and glass out of P.E. gyms.

Change of Clothing

Students are required to change out of school clothes and into Physical Education activity specific clothing in order to participate in physical activities.   P.E. could consist of the following:

  1. tee shirt and/or sweatshirt
  2. athletic shorts or sweatpants.
  3. properly laced athletic shoes (with non-marking soles)  

Excused-from-Physical Activity


Dress/Participation/Achievement of Daily Performance Objectives

Students must be properly dressed to participate in class activities and demonstrate achievement of daily performance objectives. More than one offense will jeopardize student’s P.E. grade.

1st offense:      warning, completion of “Not Dressed Report”

2nd offense:     parent/guardian phone call, completion of “Not Dressed Report”

3rd offense:      detention, parent/guardian phone call, and completion of “Not Dressed Report” in-class assignment.

4th offense:      written referral to administrator, parent/guardian phone call, “Not Dressed Report”